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Size: 68x91 cm (26.5 x 35.5 inches)

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Infoposter: History of Economic Thought

Size: 68x91 cm (26.5 x 35.5 inches)

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Attention all economics professors, students, and enthusiasts! Are you looking for a unique and informative addition to your classroom or office? Our educational poster on the history of economic thought is the perfect choice.

Featuring beautiful design and engaging content, this poster takes you on a journey through the key ideas and thinkers that have shaped modern economics. From Adam Smith and Karl Marx to Milton Friedman and beyond, this poster covers it all.

Order now and take your understanding of economic theory to the next level. With our beautifully designed poster on the history of economic thought, you'll have a powerful tool for teaching, learning, and inspiring others to explore this fascinating field.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your knowledge of economics and impress your colleagues and students with this eye-catching poster. Order now and start exploring the history of economic thought in a whole new way.


The Poster includes among others: 


MERCANTILISTS, Thomas MUN 1571-1641, William PETTY 1623-1687, Richard CANTILLON 1680-1734, David HUME 1711-1776, PHYSIOCRATS, Francois QUESNAY 1694-1774, CLASSICAL ECONOMISTS, Adam SMITH 1723-1790, MARXISTS, David RICARDO 1772-1823, Thomas MALTHUS 1766-1834, John Stuart MILL 1806-1873, Antoine-Augustin COURNOT 1801-18, Jeremy BENTHAM 1748-1832, Karl MARX 1818-1883, Friedrich ENGELS 1820-1895, GERMAN HISTORICAL SCHOOL, Wilhelm ROSCHER 1817-1894, Gustav SCHMOLLER 1838-1917, INSTITUTIONALISTS, Thorstein VEBLEN 1857-1929, J.R. COMMONS 1862-1945, MARGINALISTS, GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM, Leon WALRAS 1834-1910, Vilfredo PARETO 1848-1923, William S. JEVONS 1835-1882, Francis EDGEWORTH 1845-1926, THE AUSTRIAN SCHOOL, Carl MENGER 1840-1921, Friedrich von WIESER 1851-1926, Eugen BÖHM-BAWERK 1851-1914, NEOCLASSICAL MAINSTREAM, Oskar LANGE 1904-1965, Maurice DOBB 1900-1976, Knut WICKSELL 1851-1926, Alfred MARSHALL 1842-1924, John Bates CLARK 1847-1938, AGGREGATE DEMAND, KEYNESIAN THEORY, John Maynard KEYNES 1883-1946, Alvin HANSEN 1887-1975, BUSINESS CYCLES, Wesley Clark MITCHELL 1874-1948, SWEDISH SCHOOL, Gunnar MYRDAL, Nobel Prize 1974, QUANTITY THEORY, Irving FISHER, A.C. PIGOU 1877-1959, ECONOMETRIC METHOD, Jan TINBERGEN, Nobel Prize 1969, Ragnar A.K. FRISCH, Lawrence R. KLEIN, Nobel Price 1980, EXTERNALITIES, Erik LINDAHL 1891-1950, IMPERFECT COMPETITION, E.H. CHAMBERLIN 1899-1967, Joan ROBINSON 1903-1983, INTERNATIONAL TRADE THEORY, Bertil OHLIN, Nobel Prize 1977, Jacob VINER 1892-1970, RESOURCE CONSERVATION, Harold HOTELLING 1895-1973, CAPITAL THEORY AND GROWTH, Joseph A. SCHUMPETER 1883-1950, Frank H. KNIGHT 1885-1972, Sir Roy HARROD 1900-1978, Sir John R. HICKS, Nobel Prize 1972, ROLE OF GOVERNMENT PLANNING, Wassily LEONTIEF, Nobel Prize 1973, John Kenneth GALBRAITH 1908-2006, LIBERTARIANISM, Ludwig von MISES 1881-1973, F.A. HAYEK, Milton FRIEDMAN, Nobel Prize 1976, PUBLIC CHOICE, James M. BUCHANAN, Nobel Prize 1986, MACROECONOMIC MEASUREMENT & POLI, Simon KUZNETS, Nobel Prize 1971, Richard STONE, Nobel Prize 1984, Paul A.Samuelson, Nobel Prize 1970, James TOBIN, Nobel Prize 1981, ACTIVE MANAGEMENT, James E. MEADE, Franco MODIGLIANI, Nobel Prize 1985, RULES, EFFICIENCY, Kenneth J. ARROW, Tjalling KOOPMANS, Nobel Prize 1975, Leonid KANTOROVICH, Herbert A. SIMON, Nobel Prize 1978, George STIGLER, Nobel Prize 1982, Gerard DEBREU, Nobel Prize 1983, Maurice ALLAIS, Nobel Prize 1988, EQUITY, Arthur M. OKUN 1928-1980, GROWTH, Theodore W. SCHULTZ, Nobel Prize 1979, Sir W. Arthur LEWIS, Robert M. SOLOW, Nobel Prize 1987, Paul KRUGMAN, Nobel Prize 2008, Edmund S. PHELPS, Nobel Prize 2006, Joseph E. STIGLITZ, Nobel Prize 2001, Robert A. MUNDELL, Nobel Prize 1999, Amartya SEN, Nobel Prize 1998, William VICKREY, Nobel Prize 1996, Robert E. LUCAS, Nobel Prize 1995, John F. NASH, Nobel Prize 1994, Gary S. BECKER, Nobel Prize 1992, Ronald H. COASE, Nobel Prize 1991, Harry M. MARKOWITZ , Jean TIROLE, Angus DEATON